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Moving Guide

Moving checklist - Moving Reminders
Congratulations on the purchase or sale of your new home! Now, for the next challenge: moving. This is a great time to carefully weed through your possessions and to dispose of any clothes, furniture and fixtures that you no longer want or need. Donate them to a charity, hold a garage sale – but if you don’t want them any more, don’t move them.
Are you going to pack yourself or hire professionals? If you’re doing your own packing, following is a list of materials you’ll need. Moving companies and overnight mail businesses can furnish these, as well as specialized items including wardrobe boxes for clothing and heavy-duty boxes for china and other breakables. Liquor and computer stores also are good sources for sturdy boxes.

You should start collecting the following materials:
·         Boxes of all sizes
·         Plastic bags
·         Non-shredded newspapers
·         Packing tape
·         Markers
·         Bubble wrap
·         Tissues paper

Packing 101—A few guidelines
·         Cushion the bottom and sides of boxes first
·         Packed items should not exceed 30 pounds
·         When packing, go room by room – it will make unpacking easier
·         Begin your packing as early in the moving process as you can – it will take longer than you think at a time when you’ll be busy with many other concerns
·         Label all boxes by item and where in your new home they should be placed
·         Pack heavy items in smaller boxes and lighter items in larger boxes
·         Thoroughly wrap your breakables in newsprint paper, paper towels or clothing, placing them in dresser drawers, containers with lids, large cans, etc.
·         Fill your refrigerator and washer and dryer with clothes, linens and other light objects
·         Tape cords underneath all electrical appliances
·         Don’t tape furniture, doors and drawers, as tape can cause damage; instead, use rope, elastic or long strips of fabric to secure furniture
If you have children, let them feel they are a part of the process by helping them pack their toys

Notify the post office that you are moving. An online Change of Address form is available on the United States Postal Service Web site www.usps.com.
Prepare a list of friends, relatives, business firms and others who should be notified of your move.

1-2 Months Before Moving
[ ] Create binder/folder for moving records (estimates, receipts, inventory lists, etc.)
[ ] Plan your moving method (truck rental, hiring movers, etc) and get cost estimates
[ ] See if your employer will provide moving expense benefits
[ ] Research storage facilities if needed
[ ] Schedule disconnection/connection of utilities at old and new place
[ ] Phone [ ] Internet [ ] Cable [ ] Water [ ] Garbage [ ] Gas [ ] Electric
[ ] Plan how you will move vehicles, plants, pets and valuables
[ ] Plan how you will arrange furniture in the new place - use a floor plan or sketch
[ ] Hold a garage sale, donate, sell, or trash unnecessary items
[ ] Schedule transfer of records (medical, children in school, etc.)
[ ] Get copies of any records needed (medical, dental, etc.)
[ ] Acquire packing materials (boxes, tape, stuffing/padding, markers, etc.)
[ ] Make any home repairs that you have committed to making
[ ] Return borrowed, checked-out and rented items
[ ] Get things back that you have lent out
[ ] Start using up food you have stored so there is less to move
3-4 Weeks Before Moving
[ ] Finalize moving method and make necessary arrangements
[ ] Begin packing non-essential items
[ ] Label boxes by room and contents
[ ] Separate valuable items to transport yourself - label as DO NOT MOVE
[ ] Keep a box out for storing pieces, parts and essential tools that you will want
to keep with you on move day - label as PARTS / DO NOT MOVE
[ ] Create an inventory list of items and box contents, including serial numbers
of major items - use this as an opportunity to update your home inventory
[ ] Fill out a Change of Address form at a post office or online
[ ] Provide important contacts with your new address:
[ ] Employers [ ] Family & Friends [ ] Attorney [ ] Accountant [ ] Others
[ ] Notify your insurance and credit card companies about change of address
[ ] Cancel automated payment plans and local accounts/memberships if necessary
[ ] Take your vehicle(s) in for a tune-up, especially if you are traveling very far
1-2 Weeks Before Moving
] Continue packing and clean as you go
[ ] Pack items separately that you will need right away at your new place
[ ] Plan to take the day off for moving day
[ ] Find useful things for your children to do - involve them as much as possible
[ ] Find someone to help watch small children on move day
[ ] Begin to pack your suitcases with clothes and personal items for the trip
[ ] Reconfirm your method of moving with those involved
[ ] Make sure your prescriptions are filled
[ ] Empty out your safe deposit box, secure those items for safe travel
[ ] Schedule cancellation of services for your old place
[ ] Newspaper [ ] Housecleaning [ ] Lawn [ ] Pool [ ] Water Delivery
[ ] Check your furniture for damages - note damages on your inventory
[ ] Take furniture apart if necessary (desks, shelves, etc.)
[ ] Make sure all paperwork for the old and new place is complete
[ ] If traveling far, notify credit card company to prevent automated deactivation
[ ] Get rid of flammables such as paint, propane, and gasoline
[ ] Try and use up perishable food
2-4 Days Before Moving
[ ] Confirm all moving details and that you have necessary paperwork
[ ] Make a schedule or action plan for the day of the move
[ ] Plan when/how to pick up the truck (if rented)
[ ] Prepare for the moving expenses (moving, food, lodging)
[ ] Continue cleaning the house as you are packing
[ ] Defrost your freezer and clean the fridge
[ ] Make sure essential tools are handy (screwdrivers, wrench, pliers, tape, etc)
[ ] Pack a bag for water bottles, pen/paper, snacks, documents, and essentials
[ ] Set aside boxes/items that you are moving yourself (make sure you'll have room)
Moving Day
[ ] Remove bedding and take apart beds
[ ] Go early to pick up the truck if you rented one
[ ] Take movers/helpers through the house to inform them of what to do
[ ] Walk through the empty place to check for things left behind - look behind doors
[ ] Leave your contact info for new residents to forward mail
[ ] Take inventory before movers leave, sign bill of lading
[ ] Make sure your movers have the correct new address
[ ] Lock the windows and doors, turn off the lights
[ ] Use a padlock to lock up a rented truck
At your new place …
[ ] Verify utilities are working - especially power, water, heating, and cooling
[ ] Perform an initial inspection, note all damages, take photographs if needed
[ ] Clean the kitchen and vacuum as needed (especially where furniture will be going)
[ ] Direct movers/helpers where to put things
[ ] Offer drinks and snacks, especially if the helpers are volunteers
[ ] Assemble beds with bedding
[ ] Begin unpacking, starting with kitchen, bathroom and other essentials
1-2 Weeks After You Have Moved into Your New Place
] Check for damages while unpacking - be aware of deadline for insurance claims
[ ] Replace locks if necessary and make at least 2 copies of your new keys
[ ] Confirm that mail is now arriving at your new address
[ ] Make sure your previous utilities have been paid for and canceled
[ ] Complete your change of address checklist
[ ] Bank(s) [ ] Credit Cards [ ] IRS [ ] Loans [ ] Insurance [ ] Pension plans
[ ] Attorney [ ] Accountant [ ] Physicians [ ] Family support
[ ] Newspapers [ ] Magazines [ ] Licenses [ ] Memberships
[ ] Schedule a time to get a local driving license and update vehicle registration
[ ] Get local phonebooks and maps
[ ] Find new doctors, dentists, etc, depending on your needs & insurance
[ ] After you are moved in, update your home inventory, including photos of rooms
[ ] Update your renters insurance or homeowners insurance if needed
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